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Nintendo 3DS Emulator

The pocket-sized Nintendo 3DS is an amazing gadget. One can play games, take pictures, browse the Internet and many other things on it. Speaking of games, the Nintendo 3DS and DS' library of titles has the best, the most fun, engaging and impressive. Well-known classic games like Super Mario, Pokemon and Legend of Zelda are continued to the DS; plus the hand-held also boasts of very innovative touchscreen games such as Cooking Mama and Nintendogs. As a whole, the Nintendo DS gave gamers a very unique gaming experience. It became more fun and more suited for everyone. If a DS fan couldn't care less of other Nintendo DS features, and wants only the games, then why not bring the gaming console to PC? For such, there's the Nintendo DS emulators.

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The concept of emulating a gaming console on another platform is not new. There are already quite a number of emulators; programs that emulate Nintendo's Nintendo 64, Game Boy and Game Boy Advance and Sony's PlayStation and PlayStation 2. The very first (but unsuccessful) Nintendo DS emulator, NDS Emu, is released in late 2004. Subsequent developments for DS emulation is then undertaken, and there are now a number of Nintendo DS emulators available in the Internet. Though most of them are still not perfect and in need of development, the future of DS emulation is bright. Nintendo 3DS emulator is one of these promising DS emulators.

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Nintendo 3DS emulator is plugin-based emulator for Microsoft Windows and Linux. Using the GTK+ toolkit, It can emulate both the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS consoles. It uses the ARM7 GBA processor and the ARM9 dual screen processor, and does it excellently; this means a number of DS ROMs can be played on the Nintendo 3DS emulator. This Nintendo DS emulator uses the keyboard for DS buttons and the mouse cursor for the touchscreen. Nintendo 3DS emulator is plug-in based, meaning further developments and support can be done without changing the emulator's source code. The latest release is version

As for video and audio emulation, they are okay on most commercial DS games but obviously need further improvement; like most Nintendo DS emulators as of the moment. Nintendo 3DS emulator comes with a built-in debugger, which is mainly for programmers and developers. On the other hand, it also emulates the WiFi connection of the Nintendo DS; but it is ineffectual as it only enables the player to unlock WiFi-only features of some DS games.

As for compatibility, the Nintendo 3DS emulator can still only play a handful of games. Though well-known titles like the Pokemon Diamond are supported, there remains of a lot of them that can't be played; if they can, the common emulator problem of video, audio and speed glitches are always there. These includes choppy motions, garbled or no sound, slow speed and freezing.  Nintendo 3DS emulator and other Nintendo DS emulators have not yet emulated the unique DS gaming experience (which is probably reason why developers are still upbeat on emulating it). But who knows, maybe in the near future a Nintendo DS fan won't have to buy the real one anymore.


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As of 2011, more than 120 million titles have been downloaded at the Virtual Console. This is good news considering that the Virtual Console is one means by which Nintendo aims to curb software piracy. Titles that can be downloaded off the Virtual Console are from systems such as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Nintendo 64, MSX, Commodore 64, Sega’s Master System, SNK’s Neo Geo, NEC’s TurboGrafx-CD and TurboGrafx-16, and the Mega Drive/Genesis. MSX titles though are available only to Japan, while Commodore 64 titles are available only to North America and Europe.




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