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ONE UP on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

R4 3DS cardThe Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, fondly called the VC, is an online service that lets players buy and download games and 3DSWare Apps for the Nintendo 3DS. A special section in the 3DS Shop Channel, the Virtual Console is made up of titles originally released on various other console systems. Still running in their original form, the games are played using software emulators.

Is there a way to do this all cheaper? You can eather spend money on these VC games or buy ONE R4 3DS Flash Card adapter that will enable the same features for free. The flash card is the best option for thouse of us who already have all the roms on their PC or can download hem from torrent or romsites. So get one and play NDS, GBC, GameBoy, GB Advance, MAME, SNES and NES roms on Nintendo 3DS

The best 3DS, DSi and NDS compatible Nintendo 3DS R4 cards:
> SuperCard 3DS DStwo, 3DS AceKard 3, EZ-Flash 5 3DS, CycloDS iEvolution 3DS

3DS Flash Cards

Transactions in the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console are done using Nintendo Points. N-Points are originally bought either online or in retail shops as plastic cards with a code. After they are bought, Nintendo Points must be first converted into DS Points so they can be used on the Virtual Console. Just how many Wii Points it will cost per game title depends on the demand, rarity, and original console that ran the game.

As of 2011, more than 120 million titles have been downloaded at the Virtual Console. This is good news considering that the Virtual Console is one means by which Nintendo aims to curb software piracy. Titles that can be downloaded off the Virtual Console are from systems such as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Nintendo 64, MSX, Commodore 64, Sega’s Master System, SNK’s Neo Geo, NEC’s TurboGrafx-CD and TurboGrafx-16, and the Mega Drive/Genesis. MSX titles though are available only to Japan, while Commodore 64 titles are available only to North America and Europe.

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After getting your Nintendo Points, simply go to the Wii Menu and access the Wii Shop Channel. From there, browse through the N3DS Virtual Console titles until you find what you like. You can browse available titles based on the most popular, newest additions, genre, game publisher, or game title. Once you’ve found a title you wish to download, just click the download link on the game page and the download will begin automatically.

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